Pupil Leadership Pupil Voice

We pride our selves on the extensive opportunities for leadership spread throughout the school.

‘Many hands DO make light worker'(!) however what is also important is that pupils (and all stakeholders) have a voice in deciding the direction and travel of our wonderful school. All our Pupil Leadership Groups are well supported by staff members.

Our Pupils have many opportunities to do this through our current leadership groups:

  • P7 House Captains
  • Pupil Council
  • Health Group: P6 Class through Interdisciplinary Learning Project: The entire class lead this initiative.
  • Junior Road Safety Officers: P6 Class through Interdisciplinary Learning Project: the entire class lead this initiative and are currently working with the council on making roads around out school safer.
  • Eco Team and Eco Class (P3) through Interdisciplinary Learning Project: the entire class lead this initiative
  • Global Citizenship Team (and the P6 Class through Interdisciplinary Learning Project)
  • RME Team
  • Library Team

All our Leadership Teams undertake a number of leadership initiatives including presenting at assemblies, competitions and make decisions on behalf of the school community.

Our Pupil Council (P1-7), supported by the Head Teacher, choose, lead and deliver a range of initiatives, depending on the year. The team link closely to our School Improvement Plan. They have led ‘Friendship Weeks,  assemblies, written our pupil version of the ‘School Mission Statement’, created our new ‘Salad Bar’ and c ‘Book Swap, Book Shelf’, where all pupils can borrow  a book to read in school or at home and been principal in improving our playgrounds. They  consult with the pupil community and work with the Parent Council.

Our P7 House Captains were new in 2017/18. Our House Captains, elected from the entire pupil population went through a significant election process and have the responsibility of leading their School House, House Points Reward system, school tours  for visitors, Sports Day and notably a leading role in the weekly Achievement Assembly. They have introduced new House Crests which now hang either side of our stage. Our P7s also participate in the ‘Developing Young Workforce’ initiative, where every pupil has a leadership opportunity through the year, based upon ‘real’ occupations. Pupils go through a recruitment process including application and interview (with the HT/DHT) as part of this, well prepared by the Class Teachers.

The Global Citizenship Team, lead the development of our Global Citizenship link with our sister school in Tanzania along with our cluster schools.

The Eco Group leads our school in our two yearly cycle towards our Eco Flag. We now have 5 from Eco Schools Scotland! We  focus topics on a range of topics including  Litter (every Eco school has to have this as an ongoing topic) as well  Energy, Waste Minimisation, community and the environment. The Eco group will be working hard to come up with lots of fun ways for everyone to learn about these topics and engage in some activities linked to them.

The RME Team help steer our school’s Faith Journey and work closely with Father Anthony, lead Masses and other services and our local Parish Community.

The Library Team help run our excellent Library, assisting staff member to keep it tidy and also decide on the type and range of books we purchase on a yearly basis