Support for Learning

At St John Vianney, support is given to pupils who have additional learning, physical, sensory or behavioural needs or who require special help because the language they speak at home is not English. Teachers of ‘English as an Additional Language’ (EAL) support pupils to develop fluency in English.

St John Vianney has a support for learning teacher who works with pupils who need additional support. The level and type of support given varies from pupil to pupil. Some pupils may require continual support, while others may receive short, intensive periods of support. Alternatively, the support for learning teacher may provide support to class teachers in terms of learning and teaching strategies or resources. Learning assistants also provide additional support to pupils.

Occasionally, when a child has a significant learning or behavioural need, it is necessary for a referral to be made to psychological services for an assessment. These referrals are made in consultation with parents. Further information on co-ordinated support plans, additional support plans and individualised educational programmes may be obtained from the Additional Support for Learning Team Leader.

Pupils who have special aptitudes or interests are supported and challenged to develop their full potential. The strategies to support highly able pupils are varied, and specific to each child. Staff, parents, pupils and partnership services and agencies work together to meet the needs of all pupils to ensure we ‘Get it Right for Every Child’. You may hear this referred to as the GIRFEC approach.

You can find more information on the City of Edinburgh Council’s Support for Learning Policy within the In on the Act document.